BELFRUCHT und LENDENTUCH / Bel Fruit and Loincloth

Initiationen von M├Ądchen und Jungen in Bhaktapur, Nepal
Ein Film von Niels Gutschow, Axel Michaels, Christian Bau
Deutschland 2007, 65 min. (Deutsch/Englische Version)

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Initiations of Girls and Boys in Bhaktapur, Nepal
A film by Niels Gutschow and Axel Michaels
D, 65 Min. 2008

The film documents coming of age rituals in Bhaktapur, Nepal. Girls are married with the fruit of the wood apple tree and boys are covered with waistcloths. Beside the wedding of seven year old Lipisa to the Bel fruit, scenes of initiations of boys of butcher, Buddhist painter and farmer families are shown. The shooting took place in January / February 2007.